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The detailed admission schedule will be posted at the faculty web-site upon publishing the common announcement for enrollment by the University of Novi Sad


JUNE 2020 / SEPTEMBER 2020

 Program description Total number of available seats*
MEDICINE integrated studies (first + second level studies lasting 6years/360 ECTS) for acquiring higher education and the title of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 70
DENTISTRY integrated studies (first + second level studies lasting 5years/300 ECTS) for acquiring higher education and the title of a Doctor of Dentistry  20

* Free places available after June admission term will be offered in September admission term


(foreign citizens/citizens of the Republic of Serbia)


 The price includes tuition fees, tablet computers pre-loaded with information about starting university and online library resources
Early application can be done by submitting the APPLICATION FORM (download from web-site) along with the COPIES OF SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATES in original language and translation into Serbian (.pdf format) to the Department of Students Services 
The deadline for application and submission of all relevant documents
June admission term – 26 June, 2020
September admission term – 02 September, 2020
At final application, candidates are obligated to present for inspection their ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS, and submit the relevant copies together with the application form.
The following documents are necessary:
  • Secondary school transcripts of grades (in original language and notarized translation into Serbian) for each of the four years (if applicable) 
  • Diploma / Certificate of the school-leaving (final) examination (in original language and notarized translation into Serbian)
  • Proof of payment of the application fee
  • Birth certificate and notarized translation into Serbian
  • Proof of recognition of secondary school documents (Decision issued by relevant Serbian authority)
Important notice regarding high school documents
  • Secondary school documents must be issued by the official service, validated by the relevant legal body (Apostille stamp or relevant certification), translated into Serbian by the official interpreter or translation service and validated and recognized by relevant Serbian authority - National Agency for Academic Recognition, Majke Jevrosime 51, 11 000 Beograd, email:
  • Please follow the procedure for recognition. Procedure details:

    Web site of the Agency for recognition is note that the Agency will require your original documents, which will be returned to you after completing the recognition procedure!

  • If the documents are in English, notarized translation into Serbian and nostrification are not required for the first step, i.e., early online application
  • Please note that the recognition procedure must be finalized before the registration of admitted candidates!
Application and entrance exam fee is 6.600 RSD (payable upon arrival to Serbia, before entry exam). Candidates pay the application fee and other competition-related expenses directly to the faculty account 840-1633666-55. 
Admission of students to the undergraduate studies in English, at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, is open to those who have graduated from secondary school, high school, a four-year medical school or pharmaceutical school and are fluent in English. Language skills should be supported by relevant certificates (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) or will be tested by the Admission Board (test + interview)
All applicants for admission into the first year of studies in medicine and dentistry in English must pass entrance exam in BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY. 
Entrance exams in BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY (medicine and dentistry studies) 
June admission term  - the exam is held Wednesday, 01 July, 2020  at 12:00
September admission term  - the exam is held Thursday, 03 September, 2020  at 12:00
ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILL TEST (for candidates who did not present relevant language certificate) will be held on the same day as the entrance exam.
The list of admitted candidates will be published at the web site the day after the entrance exam. 
Admitted candidates need to submit the following
  • Birth certificate (original accompanied by notarized translation into Serbian)
  • Original secondary school diploma translated into Serbian
  • Decision on recognition of secondary school (original document) issued by relevant authority (Ministry of Education Belgrade or Provincial Secretariat for Education Novi Sad)
  • Original secondary school transcripts 
  • Two application forms (so-called ŠV forms) – available from the Faculty’s Book-store
  • University of Novi Sad index (student booklet) – available from the Faculty’s Book-store
  • Two photos 
  • Proof of payment of tuition fee (1st installment)
  • Proof of payment of tuition fee and registration fee RSD 5,500 account No. 840-1633666-55  ref. 742-106
  • Health insurance for the current academic year (international health Insurance, issued in students own country, or in Serbia by relevant insurance company) 
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Important: Candidates who require a visa for Serbia will be issued the Confirmation Letter upon the receipt of their early application. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to avoid potential visa problems.
Applicants / students should apply for D-type visa before arrival. All students are obligated to apply to the local immigration authority to obtain a residential / study visa after the enrollment.


During studies students are eligible to transfer to the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, if they fulfill criteria necessary for enrolment into the next year of studies at the faculty they attend. 

Students studying abroad can transfer to the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad to the corresponding year of studies after they have completed previous years of studies at their faculty, on the basis of equivalence between curricula and exams they have passed abroad. 

IMPORTANT: Transfer students must complete minimum 50% of the desired study program at the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad (that is min. 3 years of studies = 180 ECTS for Medicine studies and 150 ECTS for Dentistry studies).

The applications for transfer are evaluated and transfers approved by an Admission Board of the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad.
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