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Important practical issues

Attendance of teaching classes

Classes take the form of lectures, seminars, labs and practical work in hospitals and other health institutions. Students are obligated to attend all forms of classes.
Attending classes is the basis for gaining ECTS points based on class duties.
Students should know that some Departments allow missing of the certain amount of theoretical and/or practical work during the semester, while others do not allow it at all.
A student can compensate for missed classes of a subject in a manner stipulated by relevant Department if justified reasons for absence exist and the student has missed less than 30% of practices / labs.
Enrollment and Closing Semester
Enrollment. At the beginning of each Semester, student is obligated to submit to the Department of student service the enrollment form (“ŠV OBRAZAC” in Serbian) and proof of payment of relevant tax.

ŠV form - example
Closing Semester. At the end of each Semester, student must close it in order to take the exams. For closing semester, student must collect in his/hers Index the signatures from course teacher and must bring it along with the filled Semester closing form (“SEMESTRALNI LIST” in Serbian)   to the Department of student service for checking and putting the stamp. Only student who closed the semester is eligible to take the exams of the courses taught in that semester.

Semester closing form – example
Index – semester closing
Applying for exams
Students do apply for the exam by filling in the application (“ISPITNA PRIJAVA” in Serbian) and submitting it in the box in front of the Office for Student Affairs any time, but prior to the deadline.
The schedule for all examination periods and the deadline for application submission will be posted on the web-site.

Exam application form - example 

Graduation Paper - How to apply

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