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General Radiology - 3rd year students - date of exam in last examination period in this school year - (October II)
Dear colleagues, 
24th September (the classroom on Histology department, morning 7.30 AM) - whoever has some missing parts Test 1, Test 2, or Test 3, this is the last time in this school year, you can sit for them. After that...school year is finished! Those colleagues who do not pass all three parts, will have the opportunity to sit in the next semester for remaining parts, starting from mid-November.
Please, confirm by mail to Professor Kozić (dusko.b.kozic@gmail.com) if you intend to sit for remaining Tests and which ones! If you feel that you can not make this, choose other subjects to collect the needed points for 4th year.
Professor Kozić

Submitted by: IvanaMaksimovic