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  (19. VIII - 30. VIII 2019)  


    Tuesday, 20. VIII 2019. at 9,00h - in Classroom for practical and theoretical lectures, Institute of histology and embryology.

Students are required to confirm practical exam by signing the list in the hall of Institute of histology and embryology from Monday (12. VIII) until Friday (16. VIII 2019.)  until 12,00h. 


Students that want to go to oral exam should first pass practical part of exam, and then they can sign the list on which day they want to go to the oral exam.

The list for oral exam will be in Hall of Institute of histology and embryology on Tuesday 20. VIII 2019.  from 12h to Wednesday 21. VIII 2019. to 12h . 

On Wednesday 21. VIII 2019. at 14.30h there will be draw out of professors for oral exams.


Students who have electronically applied for the exam in histology and embryology are required to bring both index and completed exam application to the relevant teacher or assistant on practical or oral exam.



Chief of department

Assistant professor Bojana Andrejić Višnjić


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