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Payment Details

  1. Application fee payable before entrance exam
Amount:  RSD 6,600
Account No. 840-1633666-55 742-104 
  1. Tuition fee 
Amount: 5,500 EUR for students registering in 2017/2018
4,500 EUR for students registered before 2017
Tuition fee is payable as a whole amount, or in 2-4 installments throughout the academic year. The first installment should be paid on registration.
The tuition fee can be paid  as following:
  • By direct bank transfer from abroad – please check the payment instruction (download).
  • in Dinar (RSD) counter value - calculated according to middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment ( to the account 840-1633666-55 ref.No. 742-004 (instruction for filling up the payment form - download)
  1. Registration fee (winter semester)
Amount: 5,500 RSD
Account No. 840-1633666-55 742-106 
  1. Taxes (registration for spring semester, semester closing)
Amount: 1,000 RSD
Account No. 840-1633666-55 742-106


Submitted by: ivanatojic