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Transfer students

During studies students are eligible to transfer to the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, if they fulfill criteria necessary for enrolment into the next year of studies at the faculty they attend, with exception of the first and last year of studies.
Students studying abroad may transfer to the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad to the corresponding year of studies after they have completed previous years of studies at their faculty, on the basis of equivalence between curricula and exams they have passed abroad.

Transfer applications should be submitted for pre-evaluation by e-mail to, in person, or by registered mail to our address at the latest until 01 June the current year.
Documents required for pre-evaluation:
  • Transfer application form - duly filled up (download)
  • Certificate on registration (student status) in previous academic year if applicable (in original language accompanied by official translation into Serbian)
  • Transcript of records  (copy in English or Serbian)
  • Detailed study program - syllabus (English version is acceptable)
  • Passport copy
  • Birth certificate in original language accompanied by official translation into Serbian (could be done upon registration) 
After pre-evaluation, the candidates will be informed about transfer terms, that is, the number of credits for transfer and the study year of enrollment.
If the terms are acceptable, the candidate should start the procedure for final recognition of his/her documents at the University of Novi Sad and submit the document confirming that the recognition procedure is in progress (in order to obtain the relevant Acceptance Letter for visa purposes).
Information about recognition procedure available at:
* Fees are paid only in case of final recognition procedure, not applicable for pre-evaluation

Submitted by: IvanaMaksimovic