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Black and white copies

1- 50 pages over 50 pages
single-sided 4 RSD 3 RSD
double-sided 3 RSD 2 RSD

Colour copies

100% 20 RSD
up to 50% 15 RSD
up to 20% 10 RSD

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binding size: 6-25 mm 70 RSD
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Electronic textbooks are available free of charge. Please contact our IT department for access details. The following textbooks are available:.
  • Practical manual in biochemistry
  • Introduction to clinical practice I
  • An outline of Medical Ethics
  • Practical handbook of macroscopic examination in pathology
  • Introduction to clinical practice II

English Publications


Title: An outline of medical ethics
Author: Artur Bjelica
Price: 330,00


Title: A practical handbook of pathological histology (for dentistry students)
A practical handbook of pathological histology (for medical students)
Author: Ištvan Klem, Slavica Knežević, Živka Eri
Price: 680,00



Title: Multiple choice questions pathophysiology and labaratory medicine
Author: Milenko Kulauzov
Price: 220,00

Title: Calculations in medical Chemistry
Author: Mirjana Vojinović - Miloradov
Price: 220,00

Special Editions